VWR_RTReviewThe journey to publish your first book is filled with so many first experiences that your friends and family quickly become sick of you mentioning them all. You have your first contract, first edits, first cover, first copy edits, first proof read…first everything! And each of them is equally exciting to you–if not your friends and family. Although, I’m blessed with a great support network of people who do the Muppet flail with me for each first experience.

And if they’re just faking it after the sixth or seventh celebration, that’s fine too. :-)

As we get closer to the November 3 release date (First Release Date!), VIKING WARRIOR RISING reviews are starting to pop up and it’s another exhilarating experience for me. It’s such an honor and to see my name and title next to talented authors I’ve read for years.

Here are some lines from reviews of the book:

Bradley’s debut blends Norse mythology and evil government experiments into an unusual paranormal…the immortal Viking premise is perfect for paranormal romance readers who are looking for something different.~Publishers Weekly

Bradley has created a fascinating world that merges Norse mythology and modern-day society with plenty of action. Both Naya and Leif are strong, interesting, characters, making them well-matched.” ~RT Book Reviews

And so far, the book has a 4.33 avg over at Goodreads and the avid romance fans over there can be hard to please, so that’s an amazing score. :-)

For a Month, I Had No Clue My Now-Husband Thought We Were Dating

AMB_PrizeI’m guest blogging at Rebecca Zanetti’s today. The topic is the true story of how I met my husband and for a month, I had no clue he thought we were dating. Stop by the blog for a chance to win a gift certificate and a Viking-themed prize package. Share your stories of weird/clueless dates and relationships. :-)

Celebrate All Things Viking!

VikingEventThis Sunday, August 30th, I’ve been invited to be a guest author at a Facebook event celebrating Vikings and everything that makes us love them. The event is sponsored by and two of the blog’s authors, Gina Conkle and Violetta Rand. Here’s the lineup.

7:00pm EST- Gina Conkle
7:30pm EST- Anna Markland
8:00pm EST- Sandra Lake
8:30pm EST- Åsa Maria Bradley
9:00pm EST- Violetta Rand
9:30pm EST- Renee Vincent
10:00pm EST- Màiri Norris

To join the event, go to and click on “Join.” Hope to see you there!

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