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This is so amazing!

Rachel Lacey and Mia Sosa have teamed up with 40 romance authors to offer you a special giveaway, in light of the recent natural disasters that have affected parts of the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. To enter, just email us at showing proof of a donation (please remove sensitive information) to disaster relief efforts, and you will receive 1 or more free ebooks – chosen at random – from a list of books from participating authors. Some people will even receive an entire series!  Please help us spread the word by sharing this giveaway on social media using the hashtag #romancecares.

Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone who’s been affected. ❤️

Entry Details:

  1. Please email by Friday, October 13th showing proof of a donation to disaster relief dated between August 1 and October 13, 2017.
  2. In your email, please indicate your preference of Kindle or Nook copies for your gifted ebooks.
  3. If you’ve already read any of the books included in the giveaway, please let us know in your email, and we’ll do our best to gift you a book or books you haven’t read yet.


Our Awesome Participating Authors:

The STORM GATHERING Release Party is Going on Right Now!

And the amazing giveaways and contests are open for at least another 24 hours, so even if you’re reading this a little later–you can still win! 🙂

The party is in the Social Butterfly Party Room on Facebook. You have to join the group before you can partake in the celebrations, but you should get approved right away.

Join My Review Team/Reader Group

Several of you interact with me via social media and have given me amazing reviews and encouragement. I’ve decided that it’s time to become a little more organized about reaching out to my readers and reviewers. So, I’m starting a Review Team/Reader Group.

As a member of this team, you’ll receive advanced copies of my books with the expectation that you’ll post an honest review no later than 1 week after the release date. You’ll also have access to special content and stories, plus you’ll be eligible for super-secret giveaways only open to members of the team.

Your contact information will never be shared with anyone else and you will never be pressured into marketing or publicizing my books. This will be a fun and easy-going group.

However, in order to join the team, you must have already reviewed one of my books. If you haven’t yet, just join after you’ve had a chance to post a review. The enrollment will be ongoing so there’s no rush.

Fill out this form to join.

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