Asa Maria Bradley

What You Wish Someone Told You

Those of us who are still looking to get published are always trying to soak up wisdom from our favorite authors. By belonging to Romance Writers of America and my local Inland Empire Chapter (IECRWA) of that organization, I am fortunate to have direct access to an amazing group of men and women. Not only are they generous with their time when it comes to mentor and educate wanna-be writers like me, they are also incredibly giving when it comes to answering questions and share lessons learned.

This weekend, I’m hanging out with my favorite writing peeps–the IECRWA folks–at our annual writing retreat. We picked Schweitzer Resort in the beautiful Selkirk mountains as the location. This is the view from the condo I’m staying in:


Awesome, right?

On top of this fantastic view, I’m getting tons of writing done, and learning an amazing amount of stuff from my fellow writers.

But even if you can’t be here, you too can learn some cool stuff. Fabulous Rebecca Zanetti is one of the authors in IECRWA and her latest blog posting is great advice whether you are a writer or reader. Check it out: What I Wished Readers Knew.

I’m back to my WIP and will try not to stare too much at the view.

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