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Lucky 7 Game!

sevenI thought my next post would be about the fantastic Rose City Spring Intensive I attended last weekend. That’s going to have to wait because I was tagged for the Lucky 7 game and my competitive side refuses to not rise to the challenge. 🙂

Fantabulous author Brooke Moss tagged me for this game, and here are the rules:

1.) Go to your current WIP…

2.) Go to the 77th page…

3.) Go to the 7th line…

4.) Copy and paste the next 7 lines…

5.) Tag 7 other writers on Twitter or Facebook to play the game with you.

Here’s my entry from my current work in progress, VALHALLA’S KING:

“Your skin is intact and you don’t have a concussion, so it’s just a swelling. It should go down in a couple of days.”

“If you’re a doctor, why don’t you work in a hospital?”

Irja’s face closed down even more than its normal poker-face demeanor. “I used to work in a hospital, but my work is here now.”

With so many of her own, Anya respected secrets. She still wanted to figure how Irja was different and how many people her “we” included, but she knew she wasn’t going to get any more answers out of the tall woman.

Alright, so I went with what was 7 lines in my manuscript, not on this blog, plus finished the last sentence so it wouldn’t end in the middle.

Thanks for tagging me Brooke, I’m off to Twitter and Facebook to find my 7 victims…ehr…writer friends.

Game on to: Holly Williams Doering, Jere Unalonis Jaline, Erin Karakas Dodge, Tamara Morgan, Griffin Asher, Jamie Leigh Hansen, and Teresa Brown Woodworth.

8 thoughts on “Lucky 7 Game!

  1. asamariabradley Post author

    Great entries guys! I had so much fun playing the game. And thanks for the compliments on my prose.

    Sorry about the math, Holly. I can never get the letter ones right, so I wanted numbers on my blog. 🙂

  2. Tamara Morgan

    I love these games! Here you go…

    “Target at three o’clock,” Asprey said, gratefully spotting Marshall in the distance. He returned his attention to his newspaper and kicked Poppy’s shin in return, but his own shoe was blunt and didn’t do much other than make her scowl.

    “Just don’t touch your mustache, okay?” Poppy hissed before sitting up and waving in Marshall’s direction. “There’s no need to draw any more attention. It already looks like something out of a bad seventies porno.”

    “That’s exactly the look I was going for,” Asprey said. “I don’t know how many underworld mobsters you know, but I believe the pornstache comes standard.”

  3. holly williams doering

    And also, I can’t count!

    (I think it’s hilarious that in order to prove I’m not a spambot and entitled to post here I have to correctly do math. Yes, it is very simple math. Still, I feel a spambot MAY be more likely to get the correct answer.)

  4. holly williams doering

    Moodily, he eyed the Gothic Revival façade of the wondrous Town Hall. The decadently-decorated spires, usually so uplifting, did nothing for him.

    Briefly, he wondered if the stonemasons who built the thing had enjoyed it. Ludwig shook his head. What was wrong with him? It did not matter if peasants enjoyed their work. They were peasants for God’s sake! He needed to clear his head and focus on his mission.

    With a nod to the ladies, he left them in the square and walked off to meet Bauer by the main entrance to the Town Hall.

    Huh. I just noticed that I wrote that the spires were uplifting. That could be a problem.

  5. Briana

    This sounds like a really fun game. Thanks for playing. Your book sounds really interesting. Let me know when it comes out.

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